M-Bolt Rivet

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State enterprises supply M-bolt rivets all over the globe. These rivets are able to close gaps in misaligned sheets and can be used even in oversize or irregular holes. This fastener is commonly used in the construction of commercial vehicle bodies, buses, large cabinets, and other high-stress applications. M-bolt rivets are also called high-strength rivets.


The m-bolt rivets provide good multi-grip capability and are used in high-strength applications. Where safety and performance are a must need State Enterprises suggests M-bolt Rivets.  The mechanical lock of the M-Bolt rivet delivers 100% locking and mandrel retention

Mono Bolt Rivets can be used in various applications like automotive, plastic, cabinets, enclosures, commercial vehicles, electric panels, marine applications, etc.

  1. Aluminum Mono bolt rivets
  2. Steel M-bolt rivets
  3. Stainless steel M bolt rivets

Diameters and lengths available in M-bolt rivets are:


1. 4.8 mm Mono Bolt rivets ( Lengths: 10.7(L2 18.4)mm 13.9(L2 24.1)mm)

2. 6.4 mm M-Bolt rivets ( Lengths: 15.9(L2 24.6) mm, 23.0(L2 34.7)mm)

3. 10.0 mmM-Bolt rivets ( Lengths: 36.2mm)

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